August 26, 2009

Finally, Getting to Put my Knowledge to Work!

I finally got to put my floral skills to work this weekend. The theme of Sir Sunderland's grandmother's 70th birthday party was "Wicked" after the Broadway play. Her "big" gift was tickets to see it in San Francisco. While our initial plan was green and black, I just couldn't even imagine any way to make a 70th birthday seem classy with those colors. I decided on red, black and silver. It was fun getting to go and pick out flowers. My imagination was running wild! I made her a corsage
and by chance scored these red "slippers" from Savers for $5, which I then made into a centerpiece. She was so cute, telling the grandchildren they reminded her of the Wizard of Oz (having no idea what in the hell a pair of red high heels is doing in the center of the table at her party). After she understood the whole theme it all made sense. I learned a few things from trial and error (hot glue from a cheap glue gun is not the same as flower hot glue, apparently). It was a great way to get to snazz up the party and use my creativity and flower skillage I picked up in class in real life.

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