September 5, 2009

A Letter

Dear Former Favorite Locally Owned Restaurants,
Why on earth has your service and food gone to crap? When we go out to a special dinner we are prepared to drop a fair amount of money, expecting great service and delicious food in return. Lately, we have gotten neither. Our beloved Steak Charles dish, valued at $30, has gone from a delicious New York Steak covered in horesradish and onion shreds to a half slab of meat with equal amounts of fat. I do understand that not every piece of meat is perfect, but what I don't understand is how you could look at the piece of meat your served me Thursday and think it was going to be fine to serve some undeserving patron.

Don't even get me started on the sushi which consists of flavorless fish and seaweed you have to gnaw on? And service?! Ha! Is it really too much to expect your sushi chef, who's sitting right in front of you to forget about the roll your ordered 10 minutes ago? Or how about getting drinks refilled? I know it's hard to keep track of these things, but it is a service I am paying for.

We are now lost, without any fancy restaurant to treat ourselves to. Do we just go to the reliable franchises? Do we dare venture forth into the unknown in search of restaurants that could become our new favorites? We will not go back to these former favorites, as we've given them more than one chance to redeem themselves, only to be let down time and time again. So, here we go, in quest of finding new restaurants that will provide us with the food and services we expect for our money.

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