September 15, 2009

The Balloon Races

This Saturday I woke up at 4am and drove to pickup my Little. We were off to watch the Reno Balloon Races. They come once a year and most of us are firm believers that waking up that early once is enough. I just couldn't pass up a great opportunity to share with my Little.

With hot cocoas in hand, we trudged through the grass and set down our blanket to watch "Dawn Patrol." This is why getting there at 5 am is imperative. In the dark of the morning a few hot air balloons gather and put on the "glow show." After the glow show you mill around for awhile and slowly, but surely balloons start popping up one after the other. The next thing you know, you're standing in the middle of hundreds of hot air balloons inflating, then floating up into the air. The amazing part is that you are right there, watching it happen.We stayed until we saw all of our favorites (Smokey the Bear, the Kissing Bees and the Energizer Bunny) make their ascent to the sky.My Little and I had a blast. Our conversations came easily, instead of forced and by the end of the morning we were giddy with lack of sleep. We were having so much fun, I treated us to pancake breakfast at IHOP after the races. What better way to top off the morning than with a chocolate chip pancake?

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