October 27, 2009

Plenty of Rest & fluids

For the past few weeks I have been harboring a frog in my throat. It comes and goes as it pleases, leading everyone to ask if I am sick. I would proudly answer,

"No, I am not sick, nor am I getting sick."

That was until last Friday. I awoke with a horrible raspy cough that went deep into my lungs. I went to work, pronounced that I was, indeed sick, and planned on not being sick for very long.

Having Tuesday off of work, I quickly got my shift covered for Wednesday and planned on doing just as my mother has always instructed: drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest. I did just this, with a couple of fun things thrown in (pumpkin carving, cupcakery visits and cross stitching) and looky there, I returned to work rested and well on Thursday.

I'd personally like to thank dayquil, nyquil and most of all my husband for letting his wife sleep for ungodly amounts of time.

The funny thing about all of this was the sheer astonishment from everyone at work. WHAT?! You're taking a day off because you're sick? That's right, I got crap for taking a day off from serving people drinks because I was sick. Boy did I show all of them!


Stephanie Faris said...

I wish more people would take off when they're sick. It annoys me when someone brings their germs in and infects the rest of us.

Twincerely,Olga said...

stopping by from SITS! Great post! stop by