October 31, 2009

Candy Corn Cupcake

Thanks to my cake making fiend of a sister I am now a cupcake baking success. I went to Joann's and got the 1m tip she recommended. I let out an excited yippee! in the midst of the store when I found it.

I then got everything needed for the iciing recipe she gave me and made the cupcakes that night. I got the brilliant idea of making candy corn cupcakes and baked them Thurs. night. Put 'em in tupperware overnight and the next morning whipped up a batch of the most amazing iciing ever! It was smooth, white, and delicious. And excuse me?! The tip?! What I've been looking for all along. Oh, how my sister knows me all too well. Thanks Sistah!
I brought them to work and a party where they were gobbled up. I'll have to use more food coloring for the cupcake, a tip I will keep in mind for next year. Oh, what a great way to bring my self-esteem back, as my past cupcake endeavors have been anything but a success. I am now in the market for a white cake recipe (from scratch, I don't like the boxed mixes) and the same iciing in chocolate. Oh man! I'm so stoked!


Kate @ Our Best Bites said...

Your cupcakes look great! I'm so glad you've had cupcake success, lol! :) The world needs more cupcake-making fiends...

Bethany said...

They look so cute!! Not to mention yummy!!