November 11, 2009

Our Favorite Muffin & Bagel

Sir Sunderland has the day off, so we went out for a treat, bagels from this place:It's in the charming uppity part of town, where you can pretend to be among the hip for a meal. My favorite breakfast in all the land is this:There was once a bleak time in my life where I topped this delicious bagel with plain cream cheese. Then I was introduced to the cinnamon cream cheese, which took this baby up ten levels of delicious. It's a nice little treat every now and then and oh am I glad this is how we chose to spend our morning.
P.S. They do serve muffins, loads of them, it's just that I don't like muffins. Sir Sunderland, on the other hand does. He bought himself a chocolate cream cheese muffin to take to work tomorrow. Only thing is that he just couldn't wait and just ate it. : )


Marmee said...

Looks fun and sounds delicious!! I'm with Jake on the muffins though :) Loving your new blog look too!!! (But I miss your favorite blog list - thats how I get to them :)

angelina la dawn said...

the bagel looks delicious, and then i read about the cream cheese chocolate muffin and my mouth started to water!

bodaat said...

oh my gosh, i could soooooooooo go for that right about now! yum!