November 24, 2009

Realtors = Not Cool

We've been had. Our realtor lied to us, claiming she emailed us things that she never did. To add insult to injury, she told Sir Sunderland (a web developer) to check his spam! After two different instances and no approval letter or update in his email box, Sir Sunderland called. He waited a day for a return phone call, then called again TWICE. Nothing! No email, no returned phone call! Fed up, he asks me to call her. Within 10 minutes I get a phone call back, and in 20 an email is in his inbox. And who does she call to confirm he got this email she was incapable of sending five days ago? Me.

Now, we fully realize we are antsy first time home buyers. Yet we also realize this is this woman's job, we are clients, and as of now I could be doing a better job than she. She has already made me drive to her house to get paperwork, failed to receive paperwork we sent to her 2 weeks ago, and tell us that we need to contact our mortgage broker. Doesn't she have our broker's information? Isn't it her job to keep things together? Needless to say we are beyond frustrated with this Realtor (our second one, mind you) and pray that she can manage to keep it together to get us our house.

Another interesting side note is that we are aware she is going through a divorce. How do we know this? Did she tell us? No, no, she accidentally added Sir Sunderland as a friend on her Facebook. We originally thought this was a way to contact clients, etc. Then he got her very personal and not-professional updates. He immediately un-friended her as things got weird really quick. Ahhh, the things we have to go through to get a freaking amazing house!

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