November 3, 2009

What House?

So, is anyone else wondering what ever happened with this?

You know, our dream home that we put a winning offer in on in August? Yea, we are too!

You see, we're still waiting for the approval from the seller's bank. On a bi-weekly basis we get annoying emails from the seller's realtor saying, "They got the paperwork! We're in business now!" Only to be followed by, "Oh, they need MORE paperwork." Yadayadayada. The bottom line is, we want to get into our gorgeous house now!! The house is empty for pete's sake! Nobody's lived in it for about a year now. This apartment is getting smaller by the minute, and the conditions worsening by the second.

We are frustrated with the process and getting antsy. Thank goodness Sir Sunderland didn't let me pack up the apartment in August when we thought we'd be in by October! We've finally stopped bringing boxes from work, as we have a closet and trunk of one car full of them. My moving announcements are made, however. Just sitting there, waiting to be mailed. Come on Wells Fargo! Hurry it up, these are cute moving announcements that deserve to be sent!


Margaret said...

I hope you get to move sooner than later! Like this weekend:)!

bodaat said...

listen wells fargo, hurry the hell up because my bloggie friend would like to move in to her new house with her hubby!!

(i'll keep yelling from over here for you).


Karen Vaughn said...

Praying for you and your family to be in your dream home by Thanksgiving. Many blessings to you.

Sandy said...

Stopping by from SITS and just want to say I hope you have a realtor representing you as a buyer! Sounds like you don' about an attorney who specializes in short sales? You need your own representation! Hope you just left that part out of this post. Good luck, hopefully it will be worth it when you get there.