December 6, 2009

The Greeting Cards Have All Been Sent...

A month ago I ventured into Dollar Tree. There wasn't a purpose, just killing some time and thought if anywhere was safe to browse, the Dollar Tree was it. There, in early November, I found our Christmas cards. Sir Sunderland has a difficult time understanding the concept of Christmas cards. He clearly was not raised by the woman who single handedly supports the United States Postal Service and Hallmark with her mailing of packages, cards, etc. It was imperative to get cards that weren't too pricey, to ease him into this foreign idea of (gasp!) Christmas cards.
I was a little antsy about these cards because, lets face it, they're from Dollar Tree, they're going to be cheap quality. But that snowman on the front was too cute, too perfect. So, with my set of inkadinkadoo stamps I added my own special touches. When I was telling Sir Sunderland I was writing our Christmas cards, he responded, "You write something different in each one?!?!" He clearly does not see the enjoyment in lighting the Mistletoe candle, listening to Christmas music while writing notes to those you don't see very often. Me, on the other hand, I am glad I didn't finish all of them quite yet. You see, I may have trumped the quality of the Dollar Tree with stamps, I however did not prepare for the ratio of cards to envelopes. I am short a few cards. WTF? They're lucky they were cheap!
Now I get to go back to the Dollar Tree, hope they have some decent cards and then off to the post office to bug them for the specific stamps I want. You'd think everyone just uses whatever ugly stamp they give them with the way they act, I tell ya.

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