May 8, 2010

Sounds like a Plan

 The Little and I are getting together today and typically plans are difficult to come by. This week? They're falling into our laps!

First we will gallavant around to all the garage sales. Go to and check it out.
All the garage sales are on a map and you click on which ones you want to go to and BAM! You've got a nifty little itinerary planning out success. I've got all the addresses punched into our GPS and we are ready to rock & roll!

The Little was supposed to come up with ideas of what we can do this week. She wanted to go to Michael's to make one of their crafts they do every so often (this is her favorite thing  to do, I wonder why we get along so well?) A quick look at Michael's website and BAM! Plan #2.
Looks like I've got an exciting morning ahead of me!

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