May 11, 2010

A word on the last Recipe, if you will...

Well everyone, I have to apologize for the pink champagne cupcakes only tasting delicious for one day. It was not a pleasant experience when I went to try one the next day and, well, almost gagged. It was even less pleasant when I had to send out an email to the mother's and grandmother's who got them on Mother's Day with the subject line: DO NOT EAT CUPCAKE!!!  That's always something you want to follow up with, eh?

I am going to call that last recipe a bad one and move on to the next, one that involves a box of cake mix. Will keep you posted on their shelf life and how they turn out. 

In the meantime, enjoy Cakespy's awesome artwork.


Heather said...

Ooooh, that's a tough one:( Came over from Sweet Shot and the cupcakes were truly gorgeous, but ouch! They were too pretty to eat anyway!

Griselda said...

I have a you make gluten free cupcakes?
and if you they travel well?
How much do you sell them for?