July 1, 2010

Nausea Medication ROCKS

 Alright blog world. Yesterday was our first OB appointment and I got me some nausea medication. Last night I was sitting up at the couch and actually did some dishes. Yes world, I am feeling more like myself!

Thank god, because I didn't know how many more days of being ill I could take. Poor Sir Sunderland has had to do everything while his ill wife lie on the couch barking orders about the cheese on her salad not being Tilamook. It's really any wonder he hasn't killed me quite yet......Anywho, with any luck the meds will get me to the three month mark, where I will hopefully not need medication  and bask in the glow of pregnancy.

Which hopefully means back to life! Back to blogging, cupcakes, enjoying the summer (even though I am told I can't float down the river.....drats!) and in general, being a human again.  Yipppee!

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