August 24, 2010

Daily Musings of a Married Couple

Imagine, if you will, a calm Monday evening at home. Sir Sunderland, knocked out with a migraine, watching a movie on the couch. Me, in charge of dinner.
"What should we have?" I ask.
"Spaghetti, that's easy," Sir Sunderland replies.
So I pull out some penne pasta and start boiling the water.
That's when it happened.
We....don't....have.....any spaghetti sauce!

I lost my cool completely. Sir Sunderland feverishly tried to find a replacement after becoming disgusted with my recommendations of tuna and noodles or just butter and garlic on the noodles.

We had pancakes for dinner that night. And just so you know I am not completely evil, I put chocolate chips in Sir Sunderland's.
The end.

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