October 30, 2010

Back to Blogging

My dad came up for a visit. He asked me about my blog and  the lack of it. So what is the deal and where have I been? When I gave him the normal "eh, I'm just not into it anymore"  he so nicely reminded me that he did pay for a  journalistic education and would it be too much to ask if I used my writing skills every once in awhile?

You see, it's not that I don't like blogging, it's that life has been busy lately. Not only am I pregnant, but I also started a new, challenging job at the same time. When I began this blog it was a source of creative release from a mundane job. This was my escape from the day to day job that required no thinking.

Blogging was just what I needed. Something to stimulate my brain, to get me excited about things again and it doubled as a tool to keep my family and friends updated on our life.

Then I got pregnant and switched jobs. Morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks for 5 months. It was a struggle getting out of bed everyday while adjusting to a new job, so naturally blogging and baking fell to the wayside.

For the past month I finally kicked the morning sickness. I've got my energy back and feel like a human again. I dove right back into cupcakes. My new co-workers had never seen the wonders of my cupcakes and I thought it was long overdue.  2 weeks and 5 batches of cupcakes later, I'm burnt out. The last two batches drove me to frustrated pregnant tears due to the lack of proper frosting bags. Needless to say, cupcakes are on hiatus for awhile.

And that's why the background of my blog has changed. Before I disappeared off of the face of the blogworld, the main focus of this blog became  cupcakes and naturally my background followed suit. Now, I think I'll just keep it simple. A nice seasonal background shall do the trick.

So without further ado, lets get back to blogging, shall we?


bodaat said...

yay, welcome back! missed you!

Gordostyle said...

5 months of morning sickness? I'm only 10 weeks and I'm dying over here! If it doesn't go away soon, I might not live! UGH!