October 8, 2010

Feathering the Nest

We moved into our house sometime ago (10 months now to be exact). There have been things/projects I've been meaning to get to, yet never really made them a priority.

Well look out world, pregnant Lauren (with the help of some very generous birthday gifts) is making things happen around here. For starters, our front yard has needed some color for some time. Then  mums made their appearance at Walmart in August and I wouldn't shutup about them. Luckily the parents gave me a gift card to Home Depot for my bday. Enter my colorful porch.

The pansies, the cosmos! Oh my!
The mums! Look at that big ol' beautiful batch of mums!
And of course, our crooked mailbox with a planter that's falling apart could not go ignored. Admist all the weeds and ungroomed trees lies a patch of color. Beautiful fall color. It's just so nice, it really is.

Now, lets move inside, shall we? Oh yea baby, a foyer table! I do declare that no foyer is complete without one. Now I just need more stuff to put on it.....

And finally, I was able to find an area rug suitable for our family room. We need something to wipe the grime off our feet as a break from the hardwood floors, and after one huge mistake from Walmart, I found this beauty at Target.

And yes, that's all you get of the living room, because I didn't feel quite like tidying up for a photo. It looks good though, don't you worry. Next up, the nursery.......our least favorite room in the house that is awaiting a transformation that neither of us are prepared to do (hint, it has to do with wall paper and wall papered cutouts).

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bodaat said...

welcome back! i love that rug. :)