December 9, 2010

The Irony of Jealousy

There is another woman who is pregnant in my office. We are a month apart. It's been fun asking her what I should expect, talking about how the baby's kicking and hearing from everyone else all about how much bigger my belly is than hers (remember, she's a month ahead of me). Yesterday, at 3 in the afternoon she left work to go and have her baby.

As she left for the hospital, I had the same jealous feeling I got when my girlfriend gave birth to her son in September. How come they get to have their baby and I still don't? Now, please don't fret, I understand how the system works. Everyone has to wait their 9 months. These girls were pregnant for 9 months too and had to wait for their day to come. I just can't help but feel than tinge of jealousy that they get to see their baby super soon and we still have to wait our alotted 7 weeks.

I do see the irony in this, however.  I've witnessed one woman who was miserable while pregnant. She wanted nothing more than to not be pregnant. In true ironic fashion she wasn't early and had to wait up until her due date. The next time I talked to her? "Cherish not having the baby! Sleep, sleep SLEEP! Because when she gets here, there's no more sleeping. I'm just so tired." Coming from the woman who, two months prior, couldn't wait to just have the baby out of her.

So for the next 7 weeks Sir Sunderland and I intend on doing what we do best: sleeping. This weekend we lazily rolled out of bed at 11 am and  cherished it, because we know those days will soon be long gone. Gone to the whims of our newborn daughter who will inevitably keep us up day and night, which is something we're lucky enough to not have to worry about for 7 more weeks.

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