January 29, 2011

Baby Makes Three

We are proud to introduce, with love
Gwyneth Denise Sunderland
Born January 14, 2011 
7:55 am
7 lbs. 8 oz.
Every mother loves to share their "birth story," which is something I quickly learned while pregnant. No matter how long ago it was, every mother can remember that day as if it happened yesterday. I will forever remember the story of how Gwyneth came into the world and am proud to finally get to share it.

It all started when we went in for our 39th week prenatal visit. After discovering there was no progress, we decided if nothing happened in the meantime we would schedule to be induced on her due date. But just to be safe, we had an ultrasound to see her position. In the matter of five minutes we went from being frustrated that nothing was happening to scheduling a c-section for that night. Gwyneth was breach and we were given the choice to let the doctor attempt to manually (and painfully) switch her around or schedule a c-section asap. After weighing our options, we scheduled to have our daughter the next morning at 7:30 am, like a Hollywood star.
That night we went on a date, picked up some donuts, then went home to rest until 5:30 am came around. Surprisingly we both slept through the night, even as my parents arrived in the wee hours of the morning from Las Vegas. By 5:00 am we were packed and ready to meet our baby girl. Two hours of pre-op prepping and I walked into the operating room and laid down on the operating table. 25 minutes into surgery we saw and heard our daughter's sweet cries for the first time.

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