February 9, 2011


When we came home I was immediately reminded about the long road of recovery lying ahead of me as I painfully walked  up the stairs from the garage into the house. I had never even noticed them before.
All I can say is thank god for my parents. They stayed for the entire week and helped immensely. Not only did they take care of our home and pets, but they kept us sane during a time it would've been easy to lose it. We had the adjustment of caring for a newborn, but I required a ton of care too. I was only able to go up and down the stairs of our two story house once a day which meant food and entertainment had to be delivered upstairs. Here's just a sneak peak of the horrible treatment I was given during this rough time.
Breakfast in Bed
But seriously, it was an amazing relief to have them here, as learning to care for a newborn is no easy task on it's own and then when you combine visitors coming to your home with the recovery from a
Gwyneth & Grandma
major operation things get crazy overwhelming. It was a humbling experience being waited on hand and foot, realizing your body is only capable of so much and having to depend on the help of your family for survival. My team of supporters pushed me to my limits when I thought I couldn't make it, forced me to rest whenever possible and truly reminded me how blessed I am to have such a great husband and parents. Gwyneth is one lucky girl.
Gwyneth & Grandpa
Then the day finally came, the one we had been dreading. The parents had to go home. With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes we waved farewell to the most amazing parents in the world. We were now on our own.

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