March 6, 2011


This weekend was supposed to be a low key weekend. On the schedule for Saturday? A nice walk around the neighborhood with the dogs. So, after we did the baby hand off, got a morning nap and took our showers, it was 3 pm. Naturally we had to feed and change the baby then get her all bundled up in her adorable snowsuit, which I am proud to say she now fits into much better than when we stuck her in it when she was two weeks old (see below).
"I can't put my arms down!" - name that movie
As Sir Sunderland was outside getting the dogs ready for our walk, we came to the realization that it was way too cold to take a seven week old infant out. So our plans quickly changed from a nice leisurely stroll as a family to Sir Sunderland running to the store to do our grocery shopping while Gwyneth and I snuggled on the couch.

Ahhh, life with a baby, how quickly we learn to make ourselves adaptable.

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