March 18, 2011

Baby Clothes

Today while the baby slept I picked up and organized her nursery. Everytime we organize her clothes the minute one of us needs an outfit we have to tear apart the drawers. One time, while someone (it totally wasn't me, I swear) was putting numerous outfits on the baby who  naturally got upset due to being yanked in and out of clothes for 15 minutes started screaming. Clothes may have been thrown across the room in frustration.....

So now most things are hanging up, outfits are paired together and there may be labels on some of them in the drawers. Hopefully this will solve our baby clothes organization dilemma.

As I went through, weeding out any clothes that don't fit her anymore, I got super bummed that she grew out of so much cute stuff so fast. There are some adorable onesies she didn't get a chance to wear and the little feet outfits that she wore for the first week were just too cute to only wear twice.

Most of her newborn wardrobe was handed down to her, as we were prepped and ready for a huge baby. Her 3 month sized wardrobe is full of the most adorable outfits that everyone got her at the baby shower. Everyone expected her to be a big girl as Sir Sunderland and I were both born at the 9-10 lb range. But out she popped at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and  proceeded to loose even more weight, so she got to hang out in her hand me down newborn wardrobe.

Finally she gets to wear her little matching hoodie sets and  outfits. I'm just a little stressed that we won't get to put her in everything by the time she grows out of 3 months.

Do I hear an idea for a baby fashion montage? Hmmmm. In the meantime, enjoy some cute baby-in-a hooded-cupcake-vest, a prime example of her cute 3 month wardrobe.

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