March 16, 2011

Mini Muffins

We are big banana eaters in this family. We go through two bunches a week. Sir Sunderland requested banana bread, so we let a couple of bananas go bad. As you can imagine, life with a newborn and adjusting to me going back to work leaves very little time for baking, so the bananas sat on the counter  getting blacker and blacker.  Sir Sunderland spent his days at home drooling over the hopes of delicious, delicious banana bread.

Finally on Friday, I had some spare time while the baby was sleeping and whipped up a batch of banana bread. Except I didn't have a bread pan. Insert mini muffins.

DELICIOUS and the perfect size.

They lasted an evening.

We are now trying to think of what else we can make in mini muffin form.

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