March 8, 2011

The #1 question we get as new parents is how are the dogs with the baby. We were curious on how things would pan out with the two dogs, seeing as they are two of the most jealous creatures I have ever seen on the face of this planet. They each have their unique ways of demanding your attention at any given moment; Homer does so by licking anything and everything, while Sophie "talks." Putting a baby in the mix seemed like things could get interesting. I imagined dogs peeing all over the house in protest of something stealing their attention. I imagined Homer licking her into oblivion.

And then they surprised us.

Homer shows nothing but the utmost concern for the little, noisy, squirming baby. For the first few days he was on high alert when she cried, running around to get anyone who was near to pay attention to her. Now he likes to sniff her, make sure she's alright, then goes on his merry way. So far to date he's only sneaked in one lick.

Sophie hides her caring behind aloofness. Other than the occasional look of curiosity when the baby squirms or lets out a little squeak, you'd think Sophie could care less. That is until we wake up and find her lying next to the baby's bassinet.

There haven't been any "accidents" around the house except for one small toy casualty (which we can't really blame Homer for, seeing as his dog toys all look suspiciously like baby toys). But all in all the pups were accepting of the new family member.

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