May 1, 2011

Waking Up's So Hard to Do

An old picture dredged up from the bowels of my dying computer
This morning I rolled over in bed and decided I was getting up. You see, I typically roll over in bed and fight whatever made me roll over in the first place. The baby, an alarm, my giant painful boobs. But not this morning. And what would you know? I've found a little "me" time hidden in the early hours of the morning while Sir Sunderland and the baby sleep in. And what does that "me" time look like?
sweeping of the floors
eating my breakfast with both hands
finally, a cup of tea and a visit to the ol' blog

Nowadays we are constantly switching between who has the baby and who doesn't, and when you aren't on baby duty you're either at the store grocery shopping or running around the house trying to do laundry and dishes so that you'll have something to wear and eat off of the next day. I guess you can consider the endless hours I sit in front of the tv, sleeping baby in my arms, watching Mad Men to be some "me" time too, but it's hard to feel rejuvenated after being held hostage on your own couch by an adorable sleeping, sick baby who you don't want to wake. Even though I will admit the show did inspire me to get dressed up and have dinner on the table for Sir Sunderland when he got home from work....
So, as I sip my tea and do some internet surfing I am going to remember that waking up early sometimes isn't the worst thing in the world...

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