September 30, 2011

Insta-Friday- 4th Edition

It's Friday and the last day of September. Woo-ee. 

I swear this has been the world's longest week, hasn't it? I didn't even get to do my weekly garbage day ritual. It's just a sweep of the house for any and all garbage. But this week it was just a run down the driveway as we were running out the door. Lord knows what garbage has been left behind for one more week. Oh the horror! 

Anywho, here's the weekly to-doings around these parts.  We went to a lot of parties: a pajama party, tea party and a birthday party. Neither of which I took any pictures of. But don't you worry, I snapped plenty of pics of the babe being her cute self. 

1. Ripping the farm magnets off the fridge 2. Chewing on Mommy's purse
3. Showing a little midriff (illegal!) 4. That is a stuffed kangaroo, not a dead pet


1. An awesome cricut project (the challenge of the week) 2. Lunch time
3. Hedwig resides on our door 4. How we use our bouncy chair nowadays

Have a killer weekend! We've got a car to be fixed and some banana bread to make. How about you?

As usual, if you have no clue what the what this Insta-Friday stuff is about, click here
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abi said...

Sounds like a busy week! Love the cricut project and your door hanging - so fun!

Jenna said...

I love that wreath! Hedwig- that's so funny! Your little is so cute! Definitely in the chew on everything in sight phase I see :) so is mine!