September 15, 2011


This week's insta-Friday at Life Rearranged came with a challenge: Take a photo of something that you really like. Naturally I made it the theme for the week.
 A Few of My Favorite Things. 
 Roses from my rose bush in a hurricane glass
Two Weeks Notice. It's on my list of crappy chick flicks that I can watch over and over again. 
My "tea" plate. It's a dish for oil for bread dipping. But it fits perfectly atop my cup of tea to keep it hot while it seeps. And then it acts as the perfect tea bag holder when it's done seeping. I use it daily and think of an old friend from Australia each time I use it.
Ok, these aren't a favorite thing, but they were were an integral part of my week. They were supposed to be chocolate chip cookies. I have no clue what I forgot. I'm thinking flour.
My Roomba. This baby terrifies the baby cleans up the floors when I don't want to have the time.

Summer thunder clouds. Note, I didn't say storm. Every afternoon this week the clouds roll into town, make some thunder noises and roll on out with a tip of their hat. Sure would be nice to have some moisture around these parts.  
 Bunnies & Babies
Can you find the baby?
Have a great weekend! We have a family get together this Saturday (and a birthday) you have anything exciting going on?

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