September 22, 2011

Mini Banana Muffins

I made some banana muffins today and thought, "I must blog about this!" 

Apparently I love them so much I've blogged about them twice before. Here and recipe here.

You should really make some.

And in mini muffin form, they are addicting. After Sir Sunderland was heard rummaging in the kitchen I went back to find seven (!) already gone. I then proceeded to eat {ahem} three myself {ahem}.

One batch of banana bread makes 24 mini muffins and six regular sized ones. The mini muffins take about 15 minutes to bake while the regular sized take about 25 minutes.

I'd highly recommend greasing the bejeebitz out of your pan instead of wasting delicious morsels on cupcake liners.

Also, don't sweat it with the number of bananas. We had five bananas that went bad, so I just tossed them all in one batch. I've made it with three before and it came out just as great.

The End.

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