September 15, 2011

The Beginnings

So I bet you thought today was the day, huh? We'll get there, we will. But first we need to start from the beginning.

My parents came up for a visit and I presented them with a long list of projects. The foyer and the gallery wall were both on there.

Let me preface this by saying my parents are notorious for getting things done. My Dad is a whiz when it comes to home improvement and my Mom knows how to light a fire under my backside.  So, we tackled this project I've wanted to do for months.

Since I posted an unflattering picture of my Mom, and I'm not one for over-romanticizing here in blogland, I will oblige with this gem.

Did I ever share our photo shoot with you? I finally got to printing out a few pics from our first family photo session and couldn't wait to proudly display our cute little family for all to see.

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