October 25, 2011

Baby Princess Leia Costume

Sir Sunderland found a Princess Leia baby cosutme long before I was even pregnant. He's fawned over it since the day we found out we were having a girl. When the time came to order it, we looked closely. $40 for a crappy costume? We can do better than that. 

The deets:

Dress: a 4T turtleneck, no joke. 

Belt:  sleeve of a turtle neck cut and sewn into belt secured with a button and elastic looping on back
Octagon and circles cut out of stiffened felt and hot glued on.

Hair: yellow polka dot beanie dyed brown with RIT dye. Brown yarn pinned onto beanie and sewn down the middle. Buns were 20 strands of yarn grouped together, tied in a not, then hot glued to a circle piece of felt into a spiral. Then hot glued onto beanie wig. The wig was the most difficult part of the costume and definitely paid off. 

Total cost: $20.

I was telling my husband that somewhere deep in every mother is the desire to create your children's Halloween costume. I honestly didn't think I was capable of doing that, but this was a nice surprise.

We went to two Halloween parties over the weekend and I have to admit, I feel like Halloween is over. But there is still a Halloween party to go to, and of course trick or treating to be done at our local children's museum. She's definitely getting use of her costume!

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