October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

I didn't think Gwen would have many opportunities to wear a costume for Halloween. 3 months ago we decided trick-or-treating would be silly, so when else would she wear her costume?

She has worn it 4 times in the past week.

She has had so many opportunities to wear her costume that I've even been able to rotate between Princess Leia and her ladybug costume.

Today we went to a Halloween party put on by that Moms club I've been talking about. I've been excited about this party since I joined a few months ago. We meet at someone's house, all the kids get dressed up and we bring candy and they get to go around and trick-or-treat. Such a simple idea with no fuss.

So I popped some popcorn (sans candy corn and almond bark (gasp!)) and picked up some candy. Pixy stix are by far the cheapest candy on the market. $1.99 for 120 stix? Is this a joke? Who doesn't love a pixy stick?
We played with all the neat toys. 

We ate all the awesome food everyone brought.

 And crawled around.
 And then we trick or treated. Or, Gwen sat in the middle of everything chewing on a bottle of water.

And we hung out and took some cute pictures. 

Now onto the weekend! Here in Nevada we celebrate "Nevada Day" which happens to land on Halloween (or around it, or something like that). My Mom is coming up to visit and Jake is home for three whole days. We're done with our Halloween parties, but have pumpkin patches to go to, parades to be seen and a little trick-or-treating at the Children's museum.

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