October 12, 2011

If you're Happy and You Know It

Everyday baby G and I manage to widdle away our time.

When Iwas working I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to stay home all day withthe baby. I was actually afraid of it.

I strongly believed that the daycareprofessional we sent her to knew more about children than I did, so she wouldbe in better hands there for the majority of the day.
Then it was time for me to be the Mom Iclaimed I wanted to be. What would I do with her? Does she have enough toys? AmI capable of challenging her enough?

Two months later as we went about our usual evening routine, baby G clapped herhands together. This was something I had been trying to teach her for a month. And there it was looking back at me, with a big ol’ crooked-toothed smile,clapping her hands.

We’re doing just fine, us girls sitting around thehouse all day. And I’m ever so grateful to have chanced upon this part of ourjourney.