October 21, 2011

Insta-Friday {5th Edition}

1. Trying on one of the many onesie dress creations 2. Pretty girl
3. Snuggles in Mama's robe, just like when she was a newborn 4. New warm jammies


1. Practicing her FB self-portraits 2. Sticking her tongue out, playing with her new front teeth  3. Sick/cranky baby 4. The fever that lasted forever


1. Kisses from Mama 2. Discovered the tissue box
3. Look at that devilish look 4. Apparently babies need to start out with meltaway treats not cheerios.



1. Helping Mama pick out an outfit for Tues. night 2. So cute
3. Stuffed animals I never took tags off of (and after taking the photo I still haven't taken them off) 4. Playing


1. Opening a present from Great Grandma 2. Halloween costume finished!

How was your week?
life rearranged

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