October 3, 2011

Owl Fall Wreath

 Isn't it awesome? I saw the owl at Michael's in August and knew I wanted it on my door in October.

I actually didn't buy the owl when I first saw it. Of course when I went back, it was gone. Luckily I have an awesome Mom who found it in Vegas and what would you know? He was neatly packed in my birthday package.

 The square twig wreath? I just happened to be at a Ben Franklin's on the 90% off day of their going out of business sale. I won't even tell you how how cheap it was ($2).

I'm quite pleased with the simplicity of it. And it's perfect for the entirety of Fall, wouldn't you say?

I'm linking this beauty up to the linky parties you can find here.

This little guy is participating in a Halloween challenge (with spray paint up for grabs, my goodness) here:
Visit thecsiproject.com

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