October 30, 2011

Preventing Breast Cancer

Today I am joining over 40 bloggers for the Project Pink Blog Day. Together we are turning our blogs pink to raise awareness for breast cancer, because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, after all. 

Allow you me to introduce to you my Mom. She's officially the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Treasurer for the Southern Nevada affiliate of Susan G. Komen and all around awesome.
She's always out and about doing various events around town,  helping spread the word about breast cancer awareness. Like this one, at a restaurant called Nacho Daddy (this is not a joke and quite possibly the most awesome restaurant name ever). 

Not only did they allow Susan G. Komen to display their information and get the word out about early breast cancer detection and the many resources available, they also had a pink margaritas and pink nachos (my type of advocacy).

This is just one of the many ways anyone can get involved with the wonderful foundation, Susan G. Komen. Host a fundraiser, participate in the annual Race for the Cure, or better yet, remind your girlfriends, sisters and Moms to 
{get a mammogram}
{do a self-check monthly} 
{to be their own advocate}

Swing by your local Susan G. Komen office, pickup some information and spread the word. 

Thank you to the Artsy Girl Connection for ogranizing this great event.

 Stop by the link party to see all the other bloggers who turned their blog pink. 

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