October 7, 2011

Socializing In Our Pajamas

About a month ago I signed up for this cool M.O.M.S (Moms offering Moms Support) club in town after realizing that MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) wasn't exactly my cup of tea. 

It's been amazing. There is an activity everyday that ranges from going to an Alpaca Farm to making grandparents day crafts to simple play dates. Baby G is still a little young to enjoy some of these things, but I drag her along as a great excuse to get out of the house and talk with someone other than an 8 month old and Facebook.

 On Friday we joined the other Moms at a pajama breakfast. We were asked to bring a breakfast favorite, so I whipped up a batch of my mom's Bitsy Bread (aka monkey bread in cupcake form). 
I was going to give you a recipe when I realized I don't really have an exact one. And to avoid posting a recipe that will only frustrate (as it does me when i see them) that is arbitrary and only makes sense to me, I will make another batch and come back at you with measurements. Lets just suffice with this for now, it's biscuits rolled into balls, dipped in butter followed by a dipping in cinnamon sugar.

I used some liners I got from Joann's on sale awhile ago that really don't work with cupcakes. Throw in some leftover cupcake picks from last year and bam! Impressed the pants right off those ladies.

Baby G and I had a blast socializing and playing with the different toys. Another mom hosted so baby G got to test out that baby's cooler toys that she doesn't have. She also had this awesome baby cage type deal that was tons less oppressing than a playpen. I need to find one stat. Baby G is mobile and everytime I turned around it seems she's sticking her finger in a socket, holding a knife or trying to eat small things.

Rest assured, I did brush my teeth and put a t-shirt on over my nursing tank top and left baby G in her actual pjs. It totally reminded me of pajama day in elementary school, which was always a favorite. Then again, everything in elementary school seemed to be my favorite.


The Corson Cottage said...

Hi Lauren! I joined as a follower from the blog hop at Trendy Treehouse:) Cute blog. Carrie

NeeCee said...

Nice Blog, Your new Mom's group sounds fun....I did this years ago with our friends in College and as the kids got older when began a coffee group, meeting once a week while running errands....those friendships have lasted through the years! Just followed your blog and would love to have you visit mine....Tara at Trendy Treehouse is my daughter.....Have an awesome weekend...NeeCee at pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com