November 15, 2011

Girly Headband Tutorials

Before Gwen came we had a baby shower and filled her closet with more pink than you can ever imagine. She got dresses, onesies, gowns, and a couple of headbands and shoes. But when she came out I suddenly felt like she wasn't nearly dolled up enough. I wanted headbands with bows, bows BOWS. For whatever reason, albeit the fact that I'd never shopped for baby things before or that I was  in survival mode, I had the most difficult time finding out where to get her these cute things. I turned to etsy and was dying to buy these:

from the shop Lou and Lee after seeing them on Naomi's cute baby via Rockstar Diaries. But I had a little trouble convincing my husband that $17 on bows for our newborn's head was the best way to spend our money at the time. So I tried to recreate them

 and let me just say, after it fell off 5 seconds later I was ready to spend the $17 behind the husband's back (being postpartumly insane and all). But I did some more research and found more reasonably priced headbands from the shop Little Pea Bows.
Gwen rocked that headband until it left marks on her head that looked a little painful. And then, I came out of the postpartum insanity fog and realized I can make these myself! They're quite easy once you figure it out, and tutorials help a lot. So I've put together a few of my favorites. 

 I'm attempting to  make one of these today for Ms. Gwen's holiday card photo shoot this weekend.
Felt Bow Headband Tutorial by Trey and Lucy

Happy headbanding! Do you have a favorite headband/ hair accessory for your daughter? 

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