November 4, 2011

Insta-Friday {7th Edition}

Every Friday is basically a mashup of all the pics off my iphone and a week recap, if you will. I link up to Life Rearranged's Insta-Friday shindig. Check it out!
life rearranged



1.) After living in Nevada for 15 years, we finally made it to the Nevada Day Parade in Carson City. 2.) We went to go trick or treating at a new children's museum in town. The line was insane, so we went to dinner instead. 3.) Finally "boo'd" my neighbors. I totally wussed out and just put it on their doors and mailboxes, didn't knock or anything. I did, however, meet our really cool new neighbors across the way. 4.) Playing with the cheesecloth ghosts (perfect child-accessible Halloween decoration, p.s.)


1.) Party ware for someone's bday party. Who would've thought red and white polka dot partyware is an xmas seasonal thing? 2.) Laundry folded and ready to be put away (half of it is still sitting there). 3.) Someone got a new toy to walk around the house with 4.) Checking out the stormy Fall weather and thanking the neighbor for having such a beautiful yard for us to look at.

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