November 11, 2011

Insta-Friday {8th Edition}

This week we....
 Got lost in a sea of polka dots.
 Went to Trader Joe's to get....
 The world's best cookie. Oreos with candy cane? Does it get any better than that?
 Went for a walk and realized it was way too cold to go for a walk, regardless of how much you bundle up.
 Had an in bed type of morning.
 Took a cute/scary picture of Gwen giving mommy kisses. Or is she sucking my soul dementor-style? You be the judge.
 It does get better! This is the world's most magical combination. Run, don't walk, to Costco and get yourself this Starbucks Hot Coca. It's nutso delicious.
 Tiny Prints has a catalog?!?!? Can anyone say Christmas card porn?
 Got up to date on our #d onesies (did you know Dollar Tree sells onesies?!). Perfect for the photo opp onesies. Beware though, they run extremely small and even the 2 year old size barely fits Gwen).
Tried on our Christmas outfit to prepare for a photo shoot this weekend.
life rearranged
What'd you do this week?

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