November 17, 2011

Insta-Friday {9th Edition}

life rearranged

1.) Cake pop fail once again. I didn't read the instructions even though I have the Bakerella book. Don't put an entire tub of frosting in with the cake! You're supposed to use 3/4 of it. Who knew? 2.) Jake made his Alton Brown brined turkey 3.) Gwen ate and liked pancakes. Success! 4.) After 10 months I finally discovered where to store Gwen's headband collection. The drawer in the bathroom. Duh.



1.) Aren't the "aromatics" for the turkey purdy? 2.) Gwen helping me do the laundry while eating breakfast. What a great multi-tasker. 3.) Brushed up on what I should be doing for the yard. Notice there aren't any pictures of me actually doing this.... 4.) First test with the 1st birthday girl's banner (yes, she's not turning one until January).



1.) We squeezed in some front yard play while the weather's still warm. 2.) Gwen mastering the childlock while Daddy slices up his turkey. 3.) This outfit was too much wrong to not take a picture of. 4.) The banner finalized (tutorial to come soon). I'm thinking a large, glittery number 1 in that blank space above it? I had to make it low for best picture taking, which is why it exists, no?


1.) I was bound and determined to go to a park before it snows. We found an awesome baby-friendly one down the street and the little lady actually enjoyed the slide. Now that we can't go anymore.....(snow in the forecast tonight).

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