December 2, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

After Halloween I was ready to move right on to Christmas. Nevermind that I listen to Christmas music basically all year round, but my goodness, once I packed up the Halloween stuff I was ready to hit the road running with all things Christmassssssss (imagine jazz hands, light shining down). I kind of completely forgot about Thanksgiving. And then Thanksgiving came and went and was absolutely delightful and here we are.

You see, the husband holds strong to the philosophy that nothing Christmas can happen until after Thanksgiving. So, on Friday, you know Black Friday, I came into the kitchen to Sir Sunderland playing Christmas music throughout the house. I grabbed Gwen and we all danced around merrily. The poor child has been subjected to the early playing of Christmas music as well, and it will be noted that she likes it. She likes it!

So, that evening I ran around the garage and sheds to gather all of our Christmas boxes. Our traditional hot cocoa in snowman cups was made and we got to decorating.
I've been so excited for Gwen's first Christmas and putting up the tree was no let down. She was in awe of it. It took her 30 minutes to finally touch the lights, then put them in her mouth, rip an ornament off the tree and proceed to try and use it as a stabilizer for her wobbly standing. 

I came to realize that we really don't have all that many Christmas decorations. We have our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a strand of outdoor lights and a million snowman serving platters. So it's taken some creativity to get the house looking as festive as I'd like. But by golly, it's getting there! 

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