November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Printable Collection

There are so many amazing things designed and available for us to print straight from home that I fear my printer won't be able to keep up. That's when I run down to Costco. Anyways, here's a collection of Thanksgiving themed printables to decorate with or put in your kids' lunchboxes.
Saved by Love Creations has those two cute posters on the right available for printing as well as a tutorial on how to make that cute garland from paint chips. 

The rest is just gravy poster from Freaking Craft

Harvest subway art from Blooming Homestead

Plenty of adorable Thanksgiving posters at A Step in the Journey

Shindig Parties to Go has an amazing printables kit that includes everything you could ever imagine for making the world's most adorable kids table. 

Fall subway art from Eighteen 25

And for those of you who are die hard stationary fans (even though nobody seems to notice or care when you actually send out real ones) here's a Thanksgiving invitation from Sissy Print.

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Anonymous said...

Oh there are plenty who do indeed care about atual printed invites and stationary! Never give up on them!!!! I hear my printer whirring away now!!! Thanks!