December 15, 2011

Greeting Cards Have All Been Sent

We successfully got our Christmas cards in the mail on my planned date of action. I always have these ideas of what I think is a good deadline. I write it on the calendar and then I forget about it until I get the task done, look at the calendar and think, "that was ambitious."

But not this time my friends. I got my Christmas cards ordered and addressed weeks ago (I will note here that this only happened because Costco had a coupon that was about to expire and I had to get them done by the expiration date). Got the stamps on Friday and on Monday, into the mailbox they went, just as I had planned.

I am in love with the holiday stamps this year. Colorful, cheery, what more could you ask for?

Speaking of Christmas cards, we haven't gotten that many, have you? Is everyone else just waiting for that perfectly planned day to send them like me or are they going extinct? Please don't say they're going extinct! My heart couldn't handle such a travesty.

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