December 20, 2011

Hooray for Christmas Spirit

Have  you guys heard about the awesome trend of anonymously paying off layaway balances this Christmas season?

If not, you can read about it,

"Secret Santa Picks Up Kmart Consumer's Layaway Tabs- The Consumerist"

Which has inspired a nationwide trend,

"Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts - The Associated Press"

Which I just read today, has come right here to Reno,

"Christmas spirit: Anonymous donors pay off Reno woman's layaway account - The Reno-Gazette Journal"

What a great trend, don't you think?

I was all ready and set to publish a post about how cranky and insane everyone gets around the holiday season and how we need to all chillax. Then the baby and I did our grocery shopping yesterday and I'm not sure if everyone finally stepped out of their "black Friday haze that's lasted way too long" or what, but it was a completely different experience. People were polite, helpful, smiles were exchanged, gaiety ensued. It was a downright pleasure being in the throes of the holiday shopping yesterday (I think it may have had something to do with Gwyneth being crazy well-behaved).

So instead of a post venting about people being jerks, we're going for the Christmas spirit post that will fill your insides with the warmth and fun that 'tis the holiday season. People paying off other's Christmas gift accounts?!?! Does it get any better than that?

Kind of reminds you of this ol' movie, doesn't it? BUT REAL LIFE!

I think I need a tissue.


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