December 8, 2011

How I Get Inspired

Sometimes I need a little inspiration to get the ol' creative spark back and dive back into blogging. I enjoy blogging for so many reasons, one of those being the community that blogging provides. I'm not talking about all the best friends I've made through blogging, because quite honestly through the years I've had one bloggy friend (Hi Kavita!) but the inspirational community, if you will. It's a place where women share all these brilliant ideas. A place where on any given day I can sit in front of my computer, go to Tip Junkie's nuts-O huge linky party and find hundreds of inspirational recipes, crafts and ideas.

As I put together our Christmas plans I got a little bit of the duldroms when I couldn't really think of that many things to bake during our "baking day." That was until today. I sat down and checked out Tip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday. I like to go through all the links and open what appeals to me. I click click click until my web browser window is full of tabs, then I go through the tabs and pin what I like, comment (like a good little blogger) and then go back to the linky party. Do you know how much stuff I found? Allow me to show you (along with my two cents about each one):

I am so making this. It's not going to be that pretty, but I'm making it.

I'm a huge fan of chutney, and this seems like a sweet/spicy spin on it. This will be happening at our "Day of Christmas Eve Appetizer Feast"

The 12 days of Christmas printable. Elegant, original, just lovely all around.

Dimple Prints strikes again with a phenomenal cookie exchange printable kit. I mean, there's hundreds of adorable things to print out. The papers, the pennant banners!

See what I mean? I found all of this cool stuff in a matter of minutes. And it's all handily bookmarked on Pinterest. So anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement about the inspirational community. Incase you're wondering what all these "linky parties" and "Pinterest" is, click on the logos to below to check them out.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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