December 9, 2011

Insta-Friday {10th Edition}

This had to be the.longest.week.ever. It felt like everyday was Thursday, only it was Tuesday, or Wednesday. But the good news is that it's Friday and we get to get our Christmas party pants on. Other than not being able to find Gwen's big red Christmas bow, it's going to be one grand ol' weekend. Maybe I'll finally put up our one strand of Christmas lights and our, we'll see (it's cold outside!).


1.) This is seriously my workspace. Such a disaster. 2.) Somebody likes to go into my diaper bag, find my wallet and find the cash. 3.) All bundled up. This jacket is way too big and makes for a comatose baby. 4.) Making Christmasy Chocolatey Memories (Nestle, I am available for you copywriting needs, email me for rates)

1.) Baby found her xmas present (and loves it). 2.) If she could talk she would be reenacting the infamous Christmas Story scene, "I Can't Put my Arms Down!" 3.) Cookies 4.) Oranges
 1.) Making my list, checking it twice. 2.) Packages! Packages! Packages! In two days we got 4 GIANT packages. We are spoiled rotten.

life rearranged

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