January 16, 2012

A Ladybug First Birthday Party

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What a party! Everything was covered in polka dots and black and red. Crepe paper was strewn about, polka dot balloons lined the yard, and Gwen was dressed to the nines with her ruby red slippers.  She made the obligatory mess of her ginormous cupcake and put on quite the show opening and playing with all of her presents.

A few days before the party I asked the husband to put a slideshow on our tv during the party. Little did we know our AppleTV had the coolest slideshow setting ever. We set a playlist from our itunes which was our background music for the party while the photos slowly went across our tv in picture frames. It would've been painstaking to sit and watch that as a slideshow of photos, but as a background for a party it was perfect and fun to look at pictures from the past year.

We also had a cute little photobooth setup in the kitchen where we found it quite difficult to pose with props and a one year old.

Ladybug Photobooth

And here's a tutorial on the banner I made for behind her highchair.

Crepe Paper Banner Tutorial

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