January 31, 2012

How to Entertain the Kids {Lots of Ideas}

Sometimes it's hard not to feel a little helpless when it comes to thinking of things to do with the kids. My journalistic background really didn't teach me much on how to teach children which is why the internet is so neat. With the invent of self-publishing we are lucky enough to be able to find ideas from the pros themselves (experienced Moms, childcare professionals, etc) with the click of a mouse. I've been bookmarking quite a few ideas to share.

  • I came across Play Create Explore via a Facebook fan and am so glad I did. Be prepared to have your mind blown with a ton of great ideas. Start with this listing of links for activities for children ages 1-3.

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  • And a favorite standby that you can always count on, One Pretty Thing . This blog has been a constant staple in my daily internet browsing. I strongly suggest bookmarking it.

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What about you? Where do you go to find ideas of things to do with the kids?

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