January 20, 2012

Insta-Friday {11th Edition}

1.) The baby book that took me months and months to create finally came. It was a joyous day for all and Gwyneth sure didn't mind looking at a book full of pictures of herself.

2.) There was lots of snuggling this week after someone didn't feel well after her 12 month round of shots.

3.)Someone figured out how to get things out of the fridge

4.) I don't know what happened but this week the dogs have been pure angels. They began waiting patiently to clean up the debris after the baby is finished eating. This is instead of scavenging next to the baby while she eats. It's a nice change, especially since the baby now points her finger and yells at the dog after we do. Hmmm.

1.) This child won't eat. She just won't eat anything and it's driving us insane. We feed her in her high chair, on the floor, while she's walking. We let her feed herself, feed her with a spoon, a fork.  We feed her all sorts of different things and once we discover she likes it we stick with it. And then a day later she decides she's done with whatever it was and refuses it. I know it's just a phase but my goodness, she's got to be one hungry little kid I tell you.

2.) Ahh, the Wright Family (my maiden name is Wright) signature crepe paper. It doesn't feel like a celebration without it. Every birthday, as a child, when you woke up the living room would be decorated just like this.  Not to mention how inexpensive it is for such high impact! It was the piece de resistance for Gwyneth's ladybug party.

3.) I taught Gwyneth to sit on her little seats in her new playhouse and five seconds later she's standing on them. I think we've officially enter toddler territory.

4.) I busted out my Valentine's Day linens and gave them a quick iron this week. I fully admit this is slightly ridiculous. But those darn decorative dish towels just don't look right without a good ironing I tell you.
life rearranged

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