March 22, 2012

Easter Get Egged Neighbor Idea with Free Printable

Ok, so I'm going to be honest. While I love the idea of boo'ing someone and egg'ing someone I don't see it as ever going farther than a gift on someone's doorstep. If I were given a gift then told to make copies and create a gift for 3 other people I would be totally affronted and rebel against this act of goodwill by eating all the candy and not putting the sign up (kidding, slightly).

Let me explain that we don't know any of our neighbors, so I'm sure this would go over a lot better in a neighborhood where people actually got to know each other.

REGARDLESS, I find this entire idea and Creative Preschool Resources' design mother freaking adorable. As if they're not cute enough she even has a christian and  generic version. Awesome if you ask me.

So, do you do things like this with your neighbors? Have you ever been a recipient and did you actually do what it told you to?

We've Been Egged Neighbor Gift Printable



Get Egged! | Creative Preschool Resources.

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