March 14, 2012

Flu Survival Kit

During the Flupocalypse of 2012 we came to realize the importance of a few main staples for flu survival. Like I mentioned before, we hadn't had the flu in a long time so we were  not prepared in the slightest. Thanks to a friend who delivered ginger ale as well as our grandma who stopped by with a quick drop off of a few provisions we were able to survive. It should also be noted that early on in the game the husband heroically  ran to Walmart where he barely made it home in time to yack in our driveway.

The lesson learned? If you ever have a friend and you hear they've got the flu put together this little care package and drop it off on their doorstep. This isn't the time for socializing. You don't want that crap and they surely don't feel like playing hostess.

Ding dong ditch them with a quick text letting them know to lookout on their porch and you will surely move up a few notches on the friend post. Simple, sweet, shows your care and will most definitely help the poor sap suffering from the flu.

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