March 20, 2012

I Was a Slightly Obsessed Breastfeeding Crazy Woman

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Once upon a time my boobs were working their magic making milk to feed my baby and I became a slightly obsessed breastfeeding nut. There’s something about the act that absorbs you and makes you care or think about nothing else in the entire world.

Case in point. I joined the Facebook group, Nevada Breastfeeds. Their profile picture is a very intimate breastfeeding boob shot. My sister-in-law left me a comment via Facebook about how she was shocked and appalled when she clicked on the image to see what it was. I became a hysterical mad woman proclaiming to my husband, “how dare she say that?! Doesn’t she know that’s me right now? That’s MY LIFE!”

When I was working and the office was doing some shuffling they were unaware they were taking away the only private room for pumping. Shocked and appalled they had no future plans for a new place to pump, I went into that CEO’s office and announced that I and another woman use that room to pump and they best be getting us a new one. Mind you, this was after weeks of gossiping about how terrible they were to not think about me, a breast feeding mother in an office of 40 employees.

It’s not just the woman that loses their mind about the business of breast feeding either. It happens to the innocent husband too. While staying at a family friend’s house I disappeared for 30 minutes into a bedroom where I was pumping. The family friend asked Jake, “where’s Lauren?” “Oh, she’s pumping breast milk,” he replied. “Dude, you could’ve just said that she’s in the bedroom,” was the response he got.

Combine this with toting around bottles of breastmilk, putting it in people’s fridges and leaving the room to go pump every 3 hours it’s no surprise we became so nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

I was prepared for the baby to consume our life.  I was not, however, prepared for the breastfeeding bubble that swallowed us whole for an entire year. Looking back now, months after stopping breastfeeding all I can think is how silly it was and thank the heavens above we have such understanding friends and family who put up with all the talk about my breasts, their milk and a breast pump.

Did you develop a slightly crazed attitude while breastfeeding?

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